R&D Center

Based on the technology accumulated
since its establishment in 1962,
various products were developed and improved.
We are focusing on developing
new technologies that are tailored
to industrial trends.
Okong R&D Center has accumulated general-purpose products
such as woodworking adhesives, tile adhesives,
hot melt, sealant, and tape based on its technology since its inception in 1962.
Not only was it developed and improved, but it also expanded its research
and development area to high value-added areas such as flame retardant adhesives,
hot melt for headlamps, and sealant for electromagnetic devices.

Analysis Room

The analysis room has various equipment for analyzing organic and inorganic materials in each field.
As a result, we are supporting the research and development of high-functional products and the accurate analysis of quality assurance and the cause of lump defects to provide good adhesives to consumers.

Retention device

Key Areas The names of analysis Task Name
Analysis of various organic additives in
macromolecules and organic solvents
FT-IR Identification of the structure of various organic compounds
and quantitative analysis of mixtures
PY/GC/MSD Polymers, oligomers, monomers,
and other resin qualitative analysis
HSS/GC/FID Quantitative analysis of organic solvents, monomers
building material pollutant
emission test
TD/GC/MSD Construction Material
Discharge Test
HPLC Quantitative analysis effort put forward for formaldehyde.
Pollutant emission test equipment
(small chamber)
Measure the amount of pollutants emitted
from building materials and materials
Analyze Column Properties
and Properties
DSC Tg, tm of the matter.
TGA Measurement of reduction by thermal decomposition of samples
DMA Measurement of reduction
by thermal decomposition of samples
Inorganic Components Analysis
and Surface Analysis
SEM-EDA Quality, Quantitative, and Surface Analysis
of Inorganic Components

List of major government research projects undertaken.

Sortation Program name
(implementation department/agency)
Task Name
1 Standard Technology Improvement Project
Standardization of Emission Concentration Measurement Method of VOC Compounds and
Formaldehyde in Building Materials using Small Chamber Method
2 Standard Technology Improvement Project
Bangsan measurement standards for furniture and flooring surface treatment of indoor air pollutants.