Quality Policy

OKONG Cop. will meet of customer’s needs . We’ll strive to satisfy customers with develop technologies and excellent production.

  • Preventive Qulity Control 

  • Leading Environmental Technology 

  • Customer Satisfaction 

In order to achieve this quality policy, all executives and employees should be aware of it and maintain the optimal quality management system through continuous improvement.

Management Policy

Okong puts top priority in the management on safety·health·environment and improves them continuously through the corporate activities respecting the human and nature in all business areas.

Puts top priority on the safety and health in all areas of activities by observing the requirements of laws, conventions and certifications related to domestic and foreign safety environment.
Builds up and fulfills safety health/environment management system to prevent accidents and minimize the damage and the loss of human life and property in the event of emergency.
Makes efforts to make the accident- and disaster-zero workplace through safety manangement (education and training) in which all executives and employees participate to achieve the safety health accident rate “Zero”.
Contributes to improving the healthy life quality of executives and employees by improvement through financial·technical corporate activities to eliminate the hazardous and dangerous factors in all workshops.
Ensures that Okong’s all employees and interested parties (partners and their workers) will positively participate in the safety·health activities.

Okong shall continuously progress the management activities of safety and environment by proclaiming the safety health environmental policy internally and externally so that Okong’s employees and interested parties understand and actively fulfill the safety health environmental policy.

Code of Ethics

OKONG Corp. tries to improve the corporate value through enterprising and efficient management activities and strives to grow and develop together with all stakeholders including shareholders. As a listed company, we seek to be a trusted company by faithfully fulfilling our obligations and responsibilities.

Stance towards shareholders and investors 
We protect the rights of shareholders and respect the legitimate demands and proposals of shareholders.
ttitude towards customers
We always think and act from the customer's point of view. And we are making an effort to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services.
Attitude towards competitors and cooperative companies
We respect fair and free market economic orders based on the principle of free competition and compete fairly with competitors.
Responsibilities to executives and employees
We don’t discriminate unfairly against executives and employees and provide fair opportunities according to their abilities and qualifies.
Responsibilities to society
As a member of the country and local communities, we obey not only various laws but also all internationally used various laws and regulations.
Basic ethics of executives and employees
All executives and employees share the company's management philosophy, sympathize with the goals and values that the company is aiming for, and faithfully carry out the mission assigned to each man in accordance with the company's business policy.

OKONG Corp. respects all domestic and foreign laws and market orders and takes the initiative to establish fair trade order. We respect social values and customs, and contribute to develop the country and society through various social contribution activities. Therefore, OKONG Corp., has established a Code of Ethics to foster a fair corporate culture and is actively implementing it.

Please contact the following e-mail address, okhelp@okong.com, or let us know by "grievance counseling" service to the general affairs team.