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  • Since 1962, Eco-friendly Centennial Enterprise

    Since established in 1962, Okong has been leading the development of eco-friendly adhesives, thinking only of customers.

    We are doing our best to co-exist the environment and people through the environmental management system and quality system standard conversion certification.

  • Everywhere and anytime with OKONG

    Though invisible, OKONG Corp is here with you in a variety of places in our lives.

    We produce 800 kinds of adhesives for construction, woodworking, flooring, wallpaper, etc. and are working with customers.

  • Adhesive No.1 Certified Company

    We are trying to appeal to you through our endless efforts to develop products and technologies.

    We are trying to protect your precious things with constant development and effort through the best technology and equipment.

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Okong Bond, which has led the glue culture, will open a new culture.

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